St. Boniface R.C. Primary School

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St Boniface RC Primary School

School Vision



Governors and SLT met in August 2015 to compile this vision. The context was the starting point. Both the context of the geographical location (drawn from census returns and ward information) and the academic context (based on attainment data, in-house progress and assessment data and historic data). The data was used alongside knowledge of the local community. The vision was then shared with all staff and governors at three different meetings. The meetings generated additional thoughts and corporate ownership of the vision. All parties recognised St. Boniface’s at the heart of the vision.



St. Boniface RC Primary School is situated in Lower Broughton, an inner-city area of Salford, marked by high levels of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. There is a very high incidence of drug and alcohol use. Lower Broughton has the highest percentage of second and third generation worklessness in Salford. Most of our families live in social housing and experience high levels of deprivation. Salford has well above the national average for incidence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. Families have low expectations and aspirations. Despite being in close proximity to Manchester, which has 7 theatres, 15 museums and art galleries and 5 music halls, there is a cultural poverty amongst families.


Academic data highlights each year the specific subject areas for development, however, reading is a constant. We need to further challenge those who are more able and continue to reduce the gap between all pupils and the disadvantaged. Our baseline data tells us that pupils beginning our school do so well below what is expected of pupils their age in speaking, listening and attention and at being imaginative.


On a more positive note our pupils are fairly resilient and have good relationships with each other and with staff. Parents want the best for their children and want them to do well. Our school has a strong nurturing ethos, good resources, good staff, effective and informed governors and strong networks.



We’d like our pupils to be free from the cycle of deprivation. We’d like them to see what life is like beyond Lower Broughton. We’d like them to have aspirations and choices and be open to opportunities that come their way. We want them to be tolerant, responsible, confident and happy. Our pupils need to be able to compete in a future world of work that requires a myriad of skills. They need the qualities required for leadership in order to best prepare them for this.


We want them to aspire to great things, to believe in themselves and to achieve their aspirations.

Aspire           Believe          Achieve

To achieve this vision our pupils need to be confident and aspirational and develop the skills of responsible leadership.



This means that our pupils are happy, independent, curious, open-minded, inquisitive and secure.



This is where degrees of challenge and success move pupils beyond their comfort zones.

It is where exposure to a variety of good quality experiences inspires pupils and enriches their thinking.

It is also where pupils are energetic and enthusiastic about learning.


Skills of Responsible Leadership

This means that our pupils are responsible, tolerant, respectful and democratic and have high self-esteem.

It is also where pupils become positive citizens who are empathic and have a desire to serve others.


Each year we will plan activities and resources that support this vision.