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Safeguarding and Child Protection

At St Boniface RC Primary, safeguarding is extremely important and everybody's business, all of the time. Our school is totally committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We want to give our children everything they need to ensure they all reach their full potential.’ Where there is a barrier to well-being, health or success, we will do everything we can to overcome these barriers and try to remove them.

We review our child protection policy and procedures on a regular basis, with updated training provided for all school staff in order to offer a consistent, high quality approach to child protection and safeguarding. Our school has recruitment procedures that support the safeguarding of young people, as laid out in the Local Authority Safe Recruitment guidance.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Please click HERE to access the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 document.

Please see our school website under ‘policies’ for our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.

The Safeguarding Team at St Boniface

  • Mrs S Groarke – Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Leader
  • Mr N Price – Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader (currently on secondment)
  • Mrs H Rose - Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader
  • Miss R Campbell – Family Liaison Officer and Deputy Designated safeguarding Leader
  • Mrs Victoria Davies – Governor responsible for Safeguarding

There are posters displayed around school to ensure all members of the school community know who the Designated safeguarding leaders are.

What to do if you are concerned
If you are concerned about a child’s wellbeing, please share your concern with Mrs Groarke, the Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead, at the earliest opportunity. 

If your concerns relate to the actions or behaviour of a member of staff or volunteer in school, then you should report this to the Headteacher who will consider what action to take and seek relevant advice.

If the concern relates to the Headteacher, refer the matter to the Chair of Governors: Mrs Victoria Davies


Safeguarding Training and Policies
We update our Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy annually. This ensures that any new learning is incorporated into our policy and it can respond to the most up-to-date thinking regarding child protection. All of our staff take part in very comprehensive Safeguarding training, ensuring that Safeguarding is seen as everybody’s business and everybody is equipped with the tools they need to protect our children. Regular updates keep our training refreshed and current. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead ensures that safeguarding updates are communicated to staff on a regular basis.

Safeguarding Procedures for School Staff
Teachers and Support staff monitor the wellbeing of children on a day to day basis. If they, or any other member of the team, have any concerns relating to the safeguarding of a child they report this to a Designated Safeguarding leader within school. They also log all safeguarding issues on CPOMS which is the school’s central safeguarding system. The designated safeguarding leaders then look at this information and decide on the appropriate course of action. We regularly work with a range of agencies locally who can help us to ensure the best outcome for the children in our care.

Safeguarding Procedures for Parents
If parents have any concerns relating to the wellbeing of their children or any other children, they can report it to the Designated Safeguarding Lead who will decide what action to take.

Should you ever have urgent concerns for the immediate safety of a child, you should contact the police, in the case of an emergency, or you can make a direct referral to The Bridge (0161 603 4500)